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We released our website.NEW
Our proposal, 'Development of Ion Thruster for Micro satellites,' is adopted by subsidies for space industry established by Fukuoka Prefecture.
Proposal by Naoji YAMAMOTO, our research & development advisor, is adopted by subsidies of gap fund of Kyushu University.
Hatta Yamamoto Propusion Engineering & Reseach Co.,Ltd (HYPER) was estabshied.

about HYPERHatta Yamamoto Propulsion Engineering & Research

HYPER Contributes to the Expansion of Human Activity Area with Space Propulsions

We established our company as a venture company launched from Kyushu University in 2019. Kyushu University has been researching small microwave discharge ion engines in cooperation with JAXA for many years. We will complete this technology as a product that can be mounted on small satellites and aim for a sustainable business that contributes to industry.

Since satellite internet, satellite remote sensing, and deep space exploration all require satellites to reach the required location at the required date and time, propulsion which performs orbital transition and control is needed.

Furthermore, in order to deal with the deterioration of space environment due to the rapid increase in space debris in recent years, it is required to move artificial satellites that become space debris after the end of their operation to a safe orbit that other artificial satellites would not collide with. A propulsion system for artificial satellites performs orbit transitions and controls to serve these purposes.

We will contribute to solving the issues and expanding the area of human activity by providing propulsion system for artificial satellite.


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